Fresh Ideas: 3 Unique Ways to Use 3 Types of Flowers

February 6, 2015 / Blooms Today

Everyone loves flowers, and everyone can name occasions where they’re used in great quantities, such as weddings or funerals. However, not everyone knows what to do with flowers on a regular basis except let them sit in vases and look pretty. Today, we’re going to examine unique uses for three of the most popular flower types available that will give you some fresh ideas and perhaps make the flowers seem fresher, too.





Roses are the blooms most people think of when you say “flower,” and they’ve earned that distinction. Roses have a long history; scientific research suggests they’re about 35 million years old. Roses are found all over the world, from Europe to South Africa to parts of Asia. In fact, China was the first nation to cultivate roses.

With their beautiful layered appearance, variety of colors, and distinctive fragrance, roses have several unique uses. They’re considered an aphrodisiac, and rose oil is thought to help cure depression and insomnia. Rose seeds, petals, and hips (the round portion of the flower just below the petals) are often used to cure a plethora of ailments. They can help regulate menstruation, alleviate virus symptoms, and cleanse the blood. In Japan, rose seeds are also often used as a diuretic and to relieve constipation. Rose parts are also good sources of vitamins A, B, E, and K. Petals and hips are often brewed in teas to get these effects.



Carnations are often thought of in conjunction with roses. Some lore suggests that if roses mean love, carnations (especially white carnations) mean friendship. They are also regarded as a “frugal flower”; florist shops and grocery stores sometimes sell them for as little as $4 per bouquet. Yet don’t let the prices fool you – this flower may be cheap, but it’s not useless. They’re some of the most popular blooms for floral arrangements, especially during the holidays when they’re paired with holly berries, cranberries, or ivy leaves. Because they have ruffled blossoms, they can be layered for extra effect.

Carnation parts are most uniquely used as spices in ale or wine; although this is an ancient practice, herbal and flower lore would suggest it is still effective. Some people also use this flower in religious rituals. Wiccans may use various carnation colors for help with their spells – red for love or strength spells, purple for ambition and prosperity spells, or pink for compassion-driven spells.



Daisies have been a popular flower for centuries and often play a role in literature and film. Daisy Buchanan, of The Great Gatsby, is still one of American literature’s most recognized heroines. In the 1998 film You’ve Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly said she loved daisies because they are “the friendliest flower.” Besides being friendly, daisies have some special uses beyond flower arrangements.

Daisy leaves are edible and often used in salads. Daisies can also help stop bleeding, as well as alleviate coughs, back pain, and indigestion. Daisies can survive in tough weather conditions and are resistant to most bugs and pesticides, making them one of the longest-lasting flowers available. However, they can become weeds if not cared for properly. Honey-makers also prize daisies because they greatly attract bees and other pollinators.

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